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Pride at Prejudice-185.jpg

Pride@Prejudice by Daniel Elihu Kramer at Chester Theatre Company 

June-July 2022

"As Darcy he is a handsome, dashing figure who effectively conveys that prideful and condescending man. But it is the warmth and sweetness that he brings to the role that makes his Darcy so special that we really accept that he is worthy of Elizabeth. It is all the more fun when Patterson dons a pair of glasses and totally shifts into a gangling posture and dorky voice to interpret the tedious and annoying Mr. Collins...Patterson gives us a character so funny and irritating that there is no question why Elizabeth refuses his proposal."

-Jeannie Marlin Woods Berkshire On Stage FULL REVIEW 

"The two leading characters, Elizabeth and Darcy, are played by terrifically engaging young actors..."

-J. Peter Bergman The Berkshire Edge FULL REVIEW 


"...Brian Patterson, who seems to shapeshift into multiple roles in an instant before our very eyes."

-Bess Hochstein Splash Magazines FULL REVIEW 

Photo by Tom Kelleher

Photo by Andrew Greto

Clarkston Photo 1.jpeg

Photo by John Sowle 

Clarkston by Samuel D. Hunter at Bridge Street Theatre

April-May 2022

"When the audience is so close, the actors can use their eyes almost as if they're on film or TV, and Brian Patterson, playing Chris, is masterful at this; his eyes speak volumes, not always saying what his mouth does." 

-Steve Barnes Times Union FULL REVIEW

"Patterson even manages to make his rejection of self believable as he curls himself into a failed volleyball on the floor of the stage. His rejection of reality was truly frightening...Both actors face these challenges and emerge winners..." 

-J. Peter Bergman The Berkshire Edge FULL REVIEW 

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